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  2. Let's give a warm welcome to Baki! our newest Developer. hopefully with him we will see an increase in our player base too 😄
  3. In this forum you can post whatever you’d like it’s a free for all
  4. nice to meet you my name is Michael Jerzak IGN SSGoku1996 i have been playing Wizzard's Server for quite sometime i have over 10 years of Experience in RSPS Owning Managing and Coding from 317-876 Revision AKA RS3 i am also a Graphic Designer hope to see you ingame! im also the Community Manager so message me if you have any questions or suggestions!
  5. let me just start by saying welcome to the Server! we are a 317 RSPS Server offering the most in Premium Content! all Skills working, Dungeoneering and Construction included i believe we even have Co Op Slayer Thanks to our Great Staff Team! Wizzard our main Developer and Welcoming Request our brand new Developer to the Team special shoutout to you brother thanks to both of you for all you do, will be posting updates soon for the Server! if you have any questions or Concerns regarding the server you can contact myself Wizzard or request we love to answer any and all questions or concerns you may have! for the moment just sit back and enjoy thanks for all your support guys!!!!!
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